March 4, 2019 4 By Judy Misati

Last month as I went to grab my favorite snack “grilled sausages”. I ran into someone whom I felt knew my pain and also my joy. Those moments you feel broken, you feel burdened but looking at yourself in the mirror and realize something changed. I take a selfie and the photos look different. The scar has become pronounced: for the first time I notice I am not the only one who is scared, there are people who are too.
Ever had a particular defect you want changed but nothing can be done? This is the point at which one has to get married to reality.

Last year, I had an accident that left me luckily with a minor injury. After the healing, my face, the majorly affected part was left with a scar, that I now think and strongly believe is really pretty. Thing is everyone has a defect. Every individual is struggling with something, I love that mine is distinct and I get to face people and challenge them.

Trust you me, there are some people who have thrown insults at me, for the scar. There are some who walked away. There are also those who have affirmed me, loved me for whom I am. And am here to talk and fully appreciate those who build me.
I definitely have to start by starting that it doesn’t pay to be mean. Everyone has their own struggles and therefore if one cannot encourage someone, then one better hold in their comments. The famous Swahili adage says: Do not see one who is scared and think they are okay. All the same, it pays to be kind. Putting a smile on someones face is a very special thing one can do. Learn to build others instead of crushing them.
To those who have been attacked, ridiculed for something beyond their own control, be rest assured whoever tried to put you down is jealous of how strong you are and wish they were you. People who put others down statistically have an issue with themselves hence want to feel better by attacking another.

Life is too short for one to dwell on all the things you cannot change. Whatever the issue, whatever the pain, whatever the struggle, look forward to better days. Have a great support system usually a family member or a friend who truly loves you. When you are feeling low talk about it, it will help. If you can just shout it out and all the anger bent inside will go away. As for those who will judge your scars then am sure they don’t really matter for if they mattered they wouldn’t have really cared.
As Alessia Cara says in her song: The scars look beautiful, let us embrace it.

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