“I have Curtain raised for big names in Kenya, the likes of Willy Poze, Nyashiski, Masauti,Khaligraph Jones , King Kaka, Octopizzo and many more”-Silver storm

Hello! great people so today I have some juicy details about the musician you all have been waiting to hear from!!
Trust me, you dont want to miss this.

Silverstorm is Dandora’s finest rapper and Musician. We caught up with the heartthrob and here is what we got, you are free to ask more on our website if you wish to interact with Silverstorm and also, some of your favorite authors!!

Tell us your background

Silver storm is a Kenyan based rapper from the Ghetto slums of Dandora. I was born in Kerio valley brought up by my Grandma,My mum was mostly at work(i have no Dad)went to Bokoli boys  high school and now a student Mount Kenya University main campus.

What got you into music?

What got me into music is, My mom used to sing when I was young and she used to take me to her shows and make rap music and so I grew up being fond of doing so. And because she didn’t make it in music, am doing it to make her proud because  she made me fall in love with Music.

Describe the type of music you create?

The music I create is simply nice, rough and sweet rap. That kind of rap combined.

What is your creative process like?

I come up with an idea and then present it to my producer and we make a beat together or sometimes he creates a beat as am writing the song.

You’ve taken Thika by storm,a place known to have a lot of artists,how did you manage that?

I love what I do and the outcome of my songs is all i mind. I make sure my songs are legit and in any show, despite the audience number, I give my 💯 . Simply because I love my fans. That’s how.

Any collaboration plans?

Collaboration? Mmmh! I like Khaligraph Jones rapping style, I like octo’s swag as a rapper and I like King Kaka’s Content and leadership. So it depends with the vibe am in at the moment. I can work with anyone doing good music. Not specifically rap.

Have you curtain raised a show for anyone? Who would you love to open a show for that you haven’t?

I’ve opened for  big names in Kenya, the likes of Willy Poze, Nyashiski, Masauti,Khaligraph Jones , King Kaka, Octopizzo and  many more. I would love to open a show for Future.

Seeing anyone?

(haha)Yes am dating, sorry, I’ve been dating for 3 years now.
Am off the market.

Something for upcoming artists

Its never too late to try, keep on trying your day might come when you don’t expect it

Social media handles?

My handles are:
IG… Silver storm_254
FB…. Silverkstorm
Twitter….Silver storm_254
YouTube….Silver storm_254

Drop a line
Godzilla.. Godzilla… Aaah Zombie!!!! You already know men its Storm Empire N***a

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