Daughter of patience

I’m sure I recognized love at a very young age.

Love brings me flowers anytime I’m sad. Love applauds me with a pack of chocolate. Love is patient with me every time I need to be alone. Love brings me breakfast in bed and kisses me before i brush my teeth. Love is always there when I need him. Love helps me do the dishes after every meal we share. Love cooks for me whenever I’m in a bad taste. Love takes his guitar every time he upsets me,sings to me our most wanted song and i smile again. Love knows my undying passion for dancing,he takes me salsa. Love pays attention. Love always takes me for dinner on every occasion, that he senses agony in my voice. Love is kind to my friends.

But this is not the love I was introduced to when I was ready for it.

Love transports his stressful work home and takes it out on me. Love is not a fan of going to the grocery store even when I’m under the weather. Love hates doing dishes and can’t find himself willingly inviting his legs to the kitchen unless I nag about it. We always argue with love when he doesn’t pick up my calls.He irritates me the most when he goes outside to gasp some air when all I want is his attention.Love comes home tired from work,so we occasionally skip movie night.I hate it when love forgets our anniversary in the name of a new project at work that is underscoring him.

Young me had to learn that not everything she expected from love is reality. She is patient enough to learn this new love that the world introduced to her.She is mature enough.She is now the daughter of patience.Love grows and i grow with him.

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