He is a producer, Hip Hop artiste and a poet. He calls a spade a spade and neither gives his tongue a chance to sugar coat. He began his music career in church and has risen the bar so high in his passion that took a different path. He gets upclose and real with the Youthing Magazine.

TYM: What’s your real name?

PHINOSHEY: My real name is
Phinoshey Elber Meso, Like that’s the name my mama gave me when I was born
Really hard right?

TYM: Very hard, what’s your stage name?

PHINOSHEY: My Stage name is Phinoshey
I choose Realness

TYM: When did you start this journey?

PHINOSHEY:Okay I used to be in the church choir when i was young. I used to sing that time, but let me say professionally I started 2013.

TYM: Who inspired you!

PHINOSHEY: Many things, but first, let me list the mentors who inspired me. First, hip hop artist I listened to was Nasir Jones who is better known as Nas. He talked the street knowledge and I got a push to emulate him.
Other artists/producers who inspired me are Andre 3000, J Cole, Erykah Badu, KRS ONE, J Dilla, Q tip. The list is long,but these are the most influential in my career.

TYM: What’s your view on the Kenyan music industry?

PHINOSHEY: First I don’t focus on the Kenyan Industry because I’m following my heart. What I’m doing is my passion it’s what I really desired for.
Kenyan music industry has gone commercial. You know, like how many club bangers can you make? I don’t want that, I just want to make my music, something that my community can relate. I Speak the problems we face, Which most of the Kenyan artist don’t speak! It’s a foreign language to them, perhaps! So the Kenyan music to me doesn’t affect me at any point
Whoever wants to listen to my music well and good if you hate it too I’m cool, you know!

TYM: Advice to artists?

PHINOSHEY: I advice artists to speak their hearts not what the industry wants them to do.

TYM: Any projects that you are upto?

PHINOSHEY: first, I got a chance to interact with international artists and the recipient was welcoming.
Besides that, I met a Kenyan Sza, her name is Daisy. You can check her out On SoundCloud oh.happy.dai, Man, this lady is really fine, her music feeds the soul.
We are working on something

My friend, Sirawa and I are also working on a project called Vyce records.

On the 31st December I’ll be dropping a track I produced. It’s Called LoVe. It’s a story line. It will be available on all digital streaming platforms.

TYM: What’s your typical day like?

PHINOSHEY: I wake up, Pray(daily), Take breakfast. I then make notes of my production lessons from my research. Actually, am teaching myself professional music production like mixing and mastering of vocals. Most of my time I spend on progressing my career a notch higher.

TYM: Two things that people dont know about you

PHINOSHEY: I’m a Shy guy, and am tall, like really tall. (well they know about me being tall hehe)

TYM: Will you at some point embark to singing Gospel now that your career began in church

PHINOSHEY: This mentality needs to be abandoned.
God gave me a talent right?? I’m using my talent how it’s post to. I’m neither a gospel artist nor secular. I am just doing music like King David did. I talk of the physical, mental and spiritual nature.

Besides that, if anyone needs to be produced a hip hop, jazz, soul track direct them to me. I never disappoint.

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