She can

She can

March 8, 2020 0 By Nims Muchemi

Hey girl. Yes you. Wipe your face. Fix your crown. Open the curtains and breath again.I bet you have not smelled happiness in a long time.You deserve a bottle of wine. Iet me take you dancing. Put on that dress that compliments your eyes. You are nothing but a chicken wing.Infact,we are having wings for dinner.

You have been through a lot. They always take your kindness for weakness. They have left your soul burnt.They are mean. They will always take your happiness if you let them. They laugh,when you are in tears. They eat,when you are in pain.They celebrate,when you are hurt.

They will put you down but you will pull yourself up. They will tear you apart but you will saw the pieces back together. They will pin you down but you will stand up and walk. You need to take control and become the master of your destiny. show them whose the who and whose the whom.

Never stop looking. When they notice your eyes are heavy,they start plotting. They look for ways to break the broken.Your sorrow, their joy. No human part of them registers emotion. They breath on discomfort. They walk on dispear. The only language they understand is disperacy.

Find your happiness and fix your spirit. Find your peace and break the chaos. Find what makes you happy and make them unhappy. Build your own tower and rise your walls.

Today,i celebrate you. You have fallen down the mountains, had to live on thrones, but light always shines after darkness. it’s time the world knew of your greatness.

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