March 4, 2020 0 By Sharon Mueni

If I don’t remember anything I try to teach you please never forget where you come from. My urge for you to know GodšŸ’Æ. Remember the men that have walked with you and the men before them who were strong men because they let God guide them. Not because of the possessions they had or the things they had accomplished. You will get caught up in yourself sometimes. You will be humbled sometimes. I’m not a manšŸ˜Š. The Men i grew up with didn’t portray the best version of a man.

And in my journey to seek the characters I desired in a man..characters i never found, I got youā¤ I don’t regret having you. I’m taking you as an opportunity to instill in you the characters of a good manšŸ’Æfor Character is builtā¤ I haven’t been a perfect one but I have tried each dayā¤.

I have kept you in my prayers every single day.But the beauty of it all is that God will never leave you even when you walk away. He just stays on the path and guides you right back to him so that you can continue with the journey. I’ve failed time and again; I still do as I write this today. But I promise to strive to teach you what I have learnt.

Never stop trying. Becoming a man doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a constant refining process. Even as a woman I’m constantly day in and day out trying to refine myself and growā€¦ You will fail, you will become discouraged. But never quit. Don’t ever give up on anything you love. Lord knows I pray everyday you become a better man than those that came before you.

A better version of you each growing day. I believe you will. Strive and be the man you were born to be my young KingšŸ¾ā¤

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