November 26, 2019 0 By Mutune Wambua Mutune

It’s not the wedding party
Only a day it will last
It’s not the bridal garment
Only once it comes
It’s not all these guests
For tomorrow they’ll be gone
Neither the gifts
They’ll perish too
A expedition it is
A marriage it is

Make the vows today,
abide to them forever
Till death do us part?
How did i even get the certificate today?
I Didn’t attend any classes.
Oh, i remember, a expedition it is
A expedition into the unknown
A expedition with your spouse

Your best friend she shall be
Your do or die partner he shall be
Trust your friends, but her, more
Listen to your neighbors, but heed him
They’ll shake you up, split you up, separate you,
Let intact be your code of life.
You shall not live together as one, you shall be one

Children too, they’ll pass by
So noisy they’ll be
So busy they’ll make you
But don’t let them in between yourselves
Because sooner or later, they’ll be gone
Taking their spouses with them
But if they don’t show up, thank God you got each other, And never let go

In Marriage, so they said
You expect the unexpected
I slapped them and said
You didn’t expect that, did you?
I still don’t know what to expect

Learn to love, unconditionally
Learn to forgive, you’ll need it too
Learn to fight, not each other but as partners
Learn to guide, and learn to listen
Learn it all, and forget it all
Learn the path, then make your own path

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