November 26, 2019 1 By Kathlyne Chepkirui

A nation
With a different kind of generation
Born with much expectation,
Parents then full of jubilation,
Now cry in tribulation,
Something just isn’t right,
Why should it be this tight?

Then played with toys,
Now think they’re grown boys,
Free to make choices of their own,
Which sadly are not congratulated on,
Slowy it seems cool,
Little did they know danger looms,
They’re just wanted to live in the moment,
Not knowing the end was full of torment.

Every weekend they’d look forward to watching Ryan Giggs,
Now all they think of is the weekend giggs,
Being the in thing,
No one wants to feel left out,
So they venture into the tots of tequila,
The silent killer,
It was only a matter of time,
Before loosing all the dime.

Who’s that lass,
Styled up,
With make up,
Just on point,
Like the girl he once saw in the joint,
Knows nothing about carrying baskets,
Yet to see friends in caskets,
A few puffs doesn’t hurt,
Gives him a great feeling to his heart,
After all you live once.

Good boy gone bad,
The girl mama warned him about sung like a bird,
He was tempted,
Cool kids never get contented,
Down to two bottles of Guinness,
Filled with greatness,
The task is too much to handle,
He chose Tusker to make me fumble,
The sweetness,
Only comes with the bitterness.

Don’t touch me!
He was speaking to the person looking at him in his car’s mirror,
One more glass of Pilsner,
The beast in him kept demanding,
He could slowly feel the annoying coughs pop out,
When the traffic cop asked him to step out,
The filthy smell,
Was easy to tell,
He didn’t have to say a word,
Wished he had a sword,
The cell kept on beckoning,
At this point a voice was reckoning.

Little savings,
Old sayings,
Hard to accept,
He could hardly expect,.
The turmoil,
Regardless of the expensive oil,
Awaited him in the four walled room,
With no broom,
Not to be let out,
But a bucket as an out let.

Long night it was,
But things were just about to get worse,
The jury didn’t have to decide his case,
He had an injury that has lost its pace,
His body could take no more,
Not even a cow’s moo,
Slowly his organs,
Begun giving up on him like The Morgan’s,
Hevwas rushed,
His body all rashed.
It was in a few,
He was all wasted,
Having everything tasted,
He was certainly infected.

A journey of pain,
With no gain,
Years wasted,
Parents disgusted,
Siblings disappointed,
My home town full murmurs,
As I’m now in tatters,
The sacrifices made,
Didn’t get paid.

Peace becomes a thing of the past,
Feelings about to blast,
Depression becomes a true solace,
Too loyal for a loss,
No more invites,
No more texts,
In a letter,
I learn about the latter.

A soul lost,
A family mourns,
A nation wails,
It’s a wrong choice made,
With a price to pay,
Say no to drugs,
Keep safe,
Your life matters,
It doesn’t matter what the matter is,
Just choose not to loose,
This a hungry world,
You can never predict when you become a prey,
So keep away from the predator and pray,
It’s the only way.
To always get away.

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