Remember how it felt to own a 2009 model phone 📱 back in the days? Great, right? How about now? Owning an IPhone x od Samsung s10 should make you feel good enough or any other smartphones of preference.

Money basically has been evolving, from batter trading, gold, metal coins, paper currency/fiat, visa and mobile payments. The peak of this evolution is crypto currency/digital currency. Since 2009 after the financial crisis that brought about very high inflation in the world, It was born in Bitcoins, the most known and traded crypto coin.

Over the years, over 1000 crypto coins have been invented. Saying crypto is digital money is like saying that the internet is a fancy telephone. This invention is truly revolutionary since it’s not something dealt with before in humanity. Crypto currency being digital money, it is literally money just like Kshs, Euros, Dollars or Pound only that it’s not owned by a government thus can be transacted by users from any part of the world instantaneously, securely and for minimal or no fees at all.

This is just an epic picture of what it really is, the highest recorded transaction was 150 million dollars in bitcoins between two bitcoins wallets at very less fees.

Crypto currency is basically a revolution in the payment systems and trading platforms. Bringing transparency, easier and accessible for everyone who accesses the internet and a smartphone. Curbs fraud, money laundering since transactions can be traced. Digital revolution right? Another big deal is that, as assets they gain monetary value and therefore taken as a business can bring alot of lucration, thus an interesting venture as well.

We sure need an easier, cheaper, faster and more accessible payment system. Smartphones like S10 Samsung, HTC IS Exodus have inbuilt crypto wallets, Mercedes Benz accepting this payments and other giant companies like Porsche and Ebay , countries like China 🇨🇳 accepting crypto payments even in government services, the list is long and thus a clear fact that the revolution is happening really fast. It’s about time we embraced digital currency and enlarge its ecosystem. As a crypto currency enthusiasts it indeed is the future 🔮 of payments and trading 💹, confirms International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Having tradable cryptos like bitcoins, ethereum and the rest, it’s also important to note that better crypto coins are invented to better the ones that have been, ie. Dagcoin a crypto coin which on personal view believe will be the most usable coin globally soon enough, you deserve to own and embrace crypto currency as well. Just to note, it’s a necessity for the present and future, don’t get left out in the digital revolution.

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