August 19, 2020 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

In day to day activities a man needs a motivation, at least to push forward and see why life is worth living, Remy Lucious, a young and energetic YouTuber uses life experiences to motivate and give hope to the people who are at the verge of saying never, we catch up with him and here is what he has to say.

Who is Remy Lucious?

Remy Lucious is a futuristic, motivation-niched content creator who seeks to use my YouTube channel as a tool that inspires, motivates, helps people escalate their craft and also materialize their brilliance while shining their light on a volatile world. I seek to bring absolute productivity, performance and prosperity. My passion is to inspire every individual to achieve their dreams, ambitions and purpose in life.

What inspired you to start a Motivational YouTube channel?

The desire to create content that will act as a source of motivation to people who feel like giving up or doubting their potential in life.

Someone asked us to ask if you also do motivational speaking as a side hustle?

Yes, I do, mostly in high schools. Looking forward to future days when I will be giving motivational talks in seminars and conferences and inspire people to become the best version of themselves.

How do you choose your content?

Basically through situations I have been in the past or situations my friends have been in the past that needed some motivation to get through. I take such situations and create content that will inspire someone else who will find themselves in such a similar situation in life in the future.

Apart from YouTube, what else keeps you busy?

My job and my side hustles.

Which skills are you learning during this pandemic?

Learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro software. During this pandemic I have also had lots of time to discover much about me that I had not done before.

Would you advice someone to quit his/her job and focus on his/her passion?

My answer would be a no and a yes. This is what I mean. You probably should not quit your job and pursue your passion full-time without a solid plan. However, what I recommend is trying to build up your business on the side (while working full-time at your job). Then with enough hard work, skill and luck- you can make your passion into your living.

What is the future of your YouTube Channel?

The future of my YouTube channel and RLM as a brand is an avenue where people would turn to when things feel hard and they feel like what they are facing in life has not been faced by other people in life.  A place where people will find stories they can relate to easily and get motivated. In future I will have talk shows where people share their stories and how they pulled through tough situations in order to motivate others who are undergoing similar situations in their lives.

Which is the worst feedback you’ve ever received from your fan?

Not worst but funny. On my YouTube channel I haven’t received any yet, but someone once told me to send them data in order for them to subscribe to my channel after sharing my channel’s link to a WhatsApp group (Laughs)

What’s the secret of growing subscribers on YouTube?

Create quality content that viewers will be glued to come back to your channel and watch more. Promote your channel to your maximum abilities. Share with your friends and on social media platforms and ask them to subscribe to your channel (if they are interested, don’t pester anyone). Above all, understand how YouTube features work since they will help a lot in growing and giving insights about your channel.

  1. Do your parents support what you are doing?

Yes, they do, through encouraging me to follow my passion.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is thinking of starting a YouTube channel?

Choose a specific niche, don’t be everywhere. Start now, don’t hesitate. Create quality content. Be consistent.

Parting short

 I believe that what you do today will determine what your tomorrows will bring. You are molding your tomorrow based on what you do today. You can determine what your future holds based on how much time and energy you spend working on yourself now. Find out what it is you want, and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does.

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