What is a good life? A question that most of us will answer according to how we live or opt to live. However, one similarity applies to all; a good life is all about opulence.

Everyone yearn to live a good life, a life that is better than that they live at the moment. Most of us therefore strive to wake up next morning with a new identity, new look, new better title, literally new everything. And as fate would have it,some take a little time to upgrade while others do take ages.

The fact is that all of us always wish to change the current situations to better ones. Maslow(1978) under a topic of human psychology tries to explain the life of human being in terms of getting the urge to live a better life, and practically says that, “It’s true that man lives by bread alone when there is no bread, but what does happen to man’s desire when there is bread and a plenty of it,at the time when he’s got enough to make his stomach chronologically full?

At once higher needs do emerge other than the normal physiological hunger, dominate the organism, and when these are satisfied, there will still be the urge of satisfy even a higher need. ” ( Maslow 1934, pg 375). And this prompted him(Maslow) to explain his point that Human needs are organized into a hierarcy of relative prepotency. Let’s have a close look at the initial Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

At the bottom of the pyramid are the Biological and Physical Needs- needs like food, air that we breath, shelter and warmth. Has the majority.

  1. Safety Needs- This goes all the way to protection from different elements, law adherence and order.
  2. Love and Belongingness – A level where one feels that he or she should belong to a group of people, here one chooses the type of friend he’d like to associate him/herself with.
  3. Esteem needs- Include esteem for oneself such as dignity and one’s achievement in the society. It also include one’s desire for respect from others and building a reputation.
  4. Cognitive Needs- In this level one’s curiosity about something becomes intense, he or she want to know about something and explore more.

6.Aesthetic Needs- All about beauty appreciation, balance and form.

7.Self actualization needs- In this level, one identifies his or her potential, what he or she can do better, Fulfilling his or her personal potential, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

The last at the top of the pyramid are the transcendence needs: Where one goes beyond personal experiences and is more of into mystical experiences and such like.

I’m a bit concerned about the Self-actualization level. I’m kinda attracted to these people. People at this level are exceptional in a way. They are just hardworking, they opt to develop their personal interest, they’ve got nothing to loose, after all they’ve really worked for it.

They look at life more objectively, their sense of humor is a little bit different, are highly creative, they’ve got a higher level of privacy is very high, they’d rather prefer to venturing into new ideas other than sticking to the mythical ones, they’d rather stick to their views which are always unpopular. And lastly, they are the opposite of the people in the 1st level of the pyramid. The majority still stuck in the 1st level of the pyramid are the youth, so sad.

At this level, no one is that visionary, people tend to think only of what will help them at the moment, of course they’ve got the slogan of “Nobody knows tomorrow.” That’s why it ain’t surprising to find gambling companies making unusual profits from the youth who constantly loose in the gambling venture, they want to get more out of nothing.

We all want to get rich, don’t we? Let’s get back to our senses, let’s be visionary and think of long term goals. With creaticity and talent you can employ yourself and find yourself in the self-actualization level.


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