February 26, 2019 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda


Along the street,
Down the valley,
Along the street
We used to stroll in the evenings
Yes,along the street,where we made and broke promises,
Holding hands together so tight not to let go,
With lights on us,so that the whole world could see us,
We reflected light full of love to the hopeless,yes,
We did it,remember the chirping birds as we passed,
The whole universe acknowledged your beauty,
And yes,heaven’s recommendations
With our images forming funny figures,making us laugh our lungs out
Just like in Baby Day’s Out
That was our favorite street,
With your angelic voice,laughing heartily at my dumb jokes,as we walked down the street.
Our favorite street.

What if we had one last walk?
What if we had one last chance together?
What if we just had a minute of the whole life wrapped in?
What if we just had one last kiss
One last hug before you walk away?
Just one last chance to share the affection
All I need is just one last time to give you attention
Just one last deed that deserves appreciation
I’m still that superman,still cares,still spares the wrong deeds
I’m still that spiderman,will still save you when you about to fall into a ditch,like Bermuda triangle,I’m stuck in this
Just like Aqua man, will save you before you drown
And like an artist draw paint your face all over the town wall,
Just one last chance along our favorite street
Just one last chance

©Larrythepoet. 2019.
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