He is unbeatable when it comes to dropping bars in swahili. He is neither ‘unbwogable‘ when it comes to dropping deep punchlines and his word play is just on it’s business class level. This 21 year old will compel you to stop breathing just to listen to his lines, let’s get to it!

TYM: who is Madd OG?

MADD: Madd OG is a rapper. Real name is Madoya, a 3rd year student at the Technical University of Kenya.

TYM: when did you start rapping?

MADD: I’ve been a lover of music since nursery school and was a mad fan of Lil Wayne. The guy really had an impact on me when it came to music. By class 4, I wanted to put locks and tattoos just like him ’cause I really admired the guy. I had never done anything related to music till 2016 when I realized I could flow to most rappers songs especially Khaligraph Jones. So I asked myself, If I can flow like this, si then if I get my own lyrics I could be a rapper. And that’s when I sat down and wrote my very first rap. It was whack I tell you!

TYM: who inspires you?
MADD: I look upto Juliani. The guy uses his music to help the people around him. He’s helped raise the standards of the community where he’s from and according to my own opinion, lyrically he’s a beast.

TYM: Say something about the kenyan music industry

MADD: So much talent is left undiscovered due to lack of enough material and funds. The acts who’ve made it are also trying to push Kenyan music forward and we are greatfull for that.

TYM: what was your dream career?
MADD: I wanted to be I pilot, I guess. Just the thought of flying around the world would really fascinate me. And also, the beautiful air hostesses.

TYM: Does your folks support your Music career?

MADD: Yes. Totally. They’re the ones who fund my music and they’re also the first ones to get anything new from me.

TYM: Which is your favourite song at the moment?

MADD: Currently my favourite is Good guy by Eminem.

TYM: Tell us something that people dont know about you

MADD: I was a head prefect in primary.

TYM: whats the worst advice you’ve ever received?

MADD: Rapping in Swahili won’t take me International.

TYM: Your advice to the aspiring rappers
MADD: Never let what anyone has to say stop you from pursuing your dreams.
At the end of the day, it’s only you who can make yourself happy.

TYM: what’s your philosophy?
MADD: Everything happens for a reason.

TYM: partying shot
MADD: No material thing can ever replace what’s inborn.

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