December 17, 2018 1 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

They are undebatably the best duo that we have in the Kenyan music industry at the moment. The only sibling duette in kenya that is scaling the heights and drawing the myrmidon towards their enthralling musical sphere.

It’s none other than Acres Music.

Acres Music is made up of Marvin Spyce and Ben carol. The two have been working and winning together ever since they began striding on this trail. Akin p-square from Nigeria, Acres music is made up of these two brothers who are smashing literally gnashing the kenyan music scene with a versatile notion.

In an interview with The Youthing Magazine, Marvin Spyce affirms that, “we will never stop releasing music,” he adds, “even if all the tunes in the world get depleted, we will still be versatile and make you dance to our tune.”

Acres Music is a blend of versatility. They are all rounded in generic categorisation. Ben says they came up with that uniqueness so as to fit in all the musical taste glands of their audience.

The support from their mother is what motivates them even further to grind up day in day out, releasing educative, informative, dulcet and very unique songs.

The duo has won lots of hails from spotlight profiles such as King kaka, Naiboi and polycarp from Sauti Sol. They recently featured and performed in the Citizen Tv show machachari and will be shown on the episode of 28th December 2018.

Acres Music is more than just a music group. They have a crew of dancers, stylists and designers who work together with them. Their favourite dancer, Liam Khalitrinque from the Acres Dancers, features in all their video shoots and also accompanies them in all the shows that they go to expose their music prowess. Their producer, Atwal music never dares to disappoint. He makes sure the quality of the production matches the punchlines and lyrical juice from them.

Their stylist, virginia machachari is the one behind the hunk visage and physique appearance of the Acres duo.

They sign out with an advice to upcoming musicians and any aspiring artistes, “If music is what will get you out of ghetto, just do it. If its the source of your happiness, just do it. If music is what will make your mama proud, just do it.”