666 is the devil’s code. The number of the beast, perhaps. what happens when you call the number at 3 AM in the morning?

Alot of things happen during the call. Both Strange and mysterious , shocking and terrifying.

First, there will be a weird silence. A pin-drop silence. A mysterious silence that you could here the mosquito in the other room buzzing and sometimes you could even hear the dead in a mumble colloquy.

Then there will be a tone that will click incessantly. A tone that is loud and quite smooth.

Then a lady will receive, or sometimes a man depending on your GPS location and your LAN network.

On this one time, a lady received. She had a voice of the Angel. She spoke in english. I didn’t utter a word because of fear. Her voice was a mixture of commanding and soothing. I got scared. I began looking around me to make sure there was no ghost , already.

So the lady says,
“Sorry , we cannot complete the call as dialled, please check the number and try again ” then her colleague translates in Swahili.

Well, nothing really happens when you call 666. You will just be redirected by your mobile subscriber that the number you called is incorrect. It’s the same as dialing any other random number like 890 or 431 , nothing happens! So keep calm and hydrate yourself.
Have a splendid day!

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