Dancing for Love

Dancing for Love

December 23, 2019 1 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

Geraldine Nyagaya, also known as G by her fans, is the coolest dancer I’ve ever met. She currently focuses on conceptual choreography. A student at Kabarak University talks of her talent, challenges that she goes through and how she uses her talent to reach out to the Youth. We had a one on one talk with her and here are the details.

When did you start dancing?
Geraldine: I’m sure I’ve been dancing way longer, I had a passion for it when I was around nine and then later realised that it was my talent when I was 14
What inspired you to take it seriously?
Geraldine: I would owe it so much to my dad, he kept on insisting that I study it as a career, because he really did see the talent deeper than I. Before that I didn’t consider it as much, especially since in Kenya there are barely any schools to pursue dance as a professional career.

Do you earn from art?
Geraldine: Yes. I do. Interestingly,I never intended to commercialize it until I met a lot of people who really liked my art and wanted me to showcase. At first it was exciting to do it just for free and for fun, but i came to realise that some people and organisations are out here exploiting young artists,it didn’t impress me. Therefore, I started to charging for my services. However, my passion for the art always comes before the money.
How do you reach out to the youth through choreography?
Geraldine: Reaching out to the youth is one of the reasons I want to do specifically lyrical contemporary, because it conveys any kind of message so powerfully and that’s what i want to do. Especially with the struggles of the youth which are rampant these days. I do hope God can help me reach the youth through what I do.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Geraldine: Established my own programme that deals with art and youth issues. My main aim is to try and create a channel for the youth to “let out” through dance and any other form of art they can use to express themselves instead of turning to drugs or sadly, suicide, which is so common among us.
What’s the name of your programme?
Geraldine: DanceForLove a.ka DFL. The name can change as time passes. God willing I’ll be able to expand and accommodate all other forms in this dynamic society of the youth.

Geraldine: The name is very ideal for me. My aim in dancing is for the love of the art and the artist. Once we master the art of spreading sincere love to one another, then we can literary conquer anything and everything!
What challenges do you face as a choreographer ?
Geraldine: A lot. Oh my God! A lot of people out here take dancers for granted. I’ve noticed this in a number of artists, everyone wants to benefit from your talent, and isn’t willing to actually appreciate it, in short, ‘using people.’ Secondly, a lot of people think that just being a dancer is something useless to study, which is a very backward way of thinking. The career world is dynamic and we need to change our mentality on people who choose to study something that is directly related to their talents. Lastly, I’m facing personal challenges like lack of much support from your friends, family , and the public in general, which can be frustrating, especially when you’re seeing how other people are prospering in their areas. Such small things are what lead to unhealthy mental spaces.

Do you have a role model in the same field?
Geraldine: No, I don’t. Whenever I spot one,I find myself trying to be like them, which is wrong because I can’t be them. God has blessed us all so differently and all so greatly. So I don’t actually have a role model. However, I admire two dancers,Tatyana Wairimu and internationally, Jojo Gomez.
Why do you admire the duo?
Geraldine: The fire and passion they both have for their art is admirable.
Parting shot?
Geraldine: I am so glad and forever grateful to God for having trusted me with this talent, that enough is motivation. I believe a lot of people are able to realise the same and not let Him down at it (God that is). We all have so much potential don’t wait for money or opportunity, just start with what you have, God will come through and the the rest will follow.
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