His magic mavericks landed him on East Africa Got Talent. He shares with us his journey.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I am a young, focused and talented guy. I never disapoint when on stage, always humble when performing magic and am also an event influencer.

When did you realise you could perform magic?

Not long ago. I rose from my passion of magic tricks. My uncle once did an amazing magic trick on me which escala6 my passion for magic.

Tell us one secret about magic

Magic is all about fooling people minds, period.

How is life after East Africa Got Talent?

Life has been great after that great platform of EAGT. Many doors have opened including getting a platform on chipukeezy commedy show.

Word was out here that you have grudge with Jeff Koinange, is it true?

I dont have any grudge with Jeff. He was the judge and him giving me a No was from his own fair judgement. I appreciated that. I am aiming at breaking world’s scariest magic trick, watch out.

One message to your ex who thought you’d never make it

Wanna tell her to continue thinking of the bad things behind my talent since she has never been supportive and still am gonna do more to prove her wrong.

What’s one think that people don’t know about you?

My magic secrets.

Your favourite quote

Paja pije paja po,

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