January 9, 2019 0 By Sodam

My name is sodam . A 20 year old talented upcoming artist born and raised in masakhane, South Africa. I stayed in cyfer school where I did my matric in 2016. My parents stay in in nylstroom with mytwo little brothers. I attended my primary in makekeng (2004-2010), secondary in mankgatleng (2011-2014) and highschool in utsane (2014-2016).

My talent in music showed up when i was in secondary school in grade 9, I used to write raps on my notebooks, drafting and looking for perfect phrases and bars.

Fortunately that time me and my friend were downloding beats from the internet so i had to like do some songs to hear how i could sound on a track. Well, I sounded good, i used to give people my tracks and
get feedback from them, they gave me good feedback. I had a friend that i started music with, his name is kgothatsochauke stage name”millyk”. We were bestfriends, rapping together, promising each other to push together until we make it in the music industry. I guess i was 15 and he was 14 that time.

For me to fall in love with hip-hop i was inspired by american rappers such as lil wayne and drake.The first song of lil wayne that inspired me was lolipop then HYFR by lil wayne and drake.

In 2015, the SA rapper who inspired me very much was cassper nyovest ‘Mr one hit wonder’ of “Docshebeleza”. I used to follow him and his music alot, i still do. I used to watch SAHIP-HOP awards and get inspired by lots of artists like cassper nyovest.

As time went by my passion for hip-hop grew notches higher. In 2014 is when I started recording my first single with k.o’s beat caracara together with my two buddies whom I knew from the hood and were
also schooling with me known as Kwenakekana and Thabang Ramorulane, their stage names Vibe and Tsilo. Kwenakekan was my highschool friend of all the times since grade 10, our friendship started at soccer practice and we were staying in the same street.

After our track, i realisedthat i can make it in music if I just put in the hardwork. I was cautious not to mix music with my studies since the subjects that i was doing in highschool needed time (i.emathematics and science).

In 2015 there was a tour community hall event for youngstars to explore their talents in music, drama, dance etc. Me and my buddies entered the competition since we were interested. Best part of it is that we won all the way; best perfoming young artists, best songs and best freestyling.We atleat won the first prize of R200 which weShared as a team.

So as time went by, I took a break in music, a year and eight months since i wanted to focus on my studies in school.I spent most of the time studying but no writing Raps. Everytime when i was going to write exams or having a long way to go like going home, i used to freestyle trying to come up with new words, vocal, lyrics and better sounds.2017 is the year I fully realised my talent really mattered to me.

Yes, my dream was to be an astronomer or physicist but i couldn’t study the course since i had no money for registration that was required in Witwatersrand University. I had to study chemical engineering in college but i didn’t procceed with it because it was a boring course for me. I
liked and enjoyed studying the universe.

When I was in pretoria for few months in 2017, I noticed that pretoria had lots of opportunities especially in music. That triggered me to start hustling.I realised that trap was my niche so i had to use it as a key
for my future.

This whole thing started in nylstroom when I paid my mom a visit , I then downloaded a beat and wrote for it since i had no producer that time to do like few demos to hear myself. Well, i wrote for the beat and
went with the flow, trust me i realised it’s a hit. I spent days practicing it and recorded it in 772 music entertainment on
1st october.

Few days later, I released it using data file hostlink, for people to atleats download it for free. lots of people loved it and that’s when i started gaining fans. I realised that I could make it so i had to go with them and told myself that i’ll fight until I reach a great level for me.