When the Going Gets Tough

Life is one crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed in it. For that reason we tend to give up easily when things do not go our way. As it is, human beings are naturally fragile and with a couple of blows here and there we end up living on our backs instead of on our own two feet.

We have all had our own difficult experiences from our childhood to where we are now. For some, it might have broken them completely while for others it might have changed their lives In a positive way. Let’s take for example the way you felt when you got rejected on a couple of your job interviews, the way you felt when your suffered loss from your business more than once, the way your heart was shattered down after your dream girl or boy told you that you’re not ‘their type’, the way you kept on failing that test and had to retake, the way you’ve been toiling to do things right at your work place in order to impress your boss so that he or she may consider you first incase of a promotion among so many other such experiences.

In all of those difficult situations, it is easy to feel defeated hence the urge of giving up. We get tricked into giving in instead of trying again because we are convinced that comfort is what we need. We simply allow our fears to rule our thoughts and that’s why we chicken out every time whenever there is another chance to try again. Have you ever thought how your life would have been if only you had tried again after failing the last time? Maybe you would have gotten it right and could have achieved that which you so yearned for.

Sometime mid last year while I was on my attachment in one of the media companies, I was assigned the task of going to Kibra for a live coverage after the demise of the area member of parliament who had succumbed to cancer. The head of news department had faith in me that I could do it but I did not have the same faith in myself so I gave him an excuse why I couldn’t do it and just like that I missed out on that opportunity. Until today, I haven’t been able to move past the thought of me turning down that opportunity. It was a big deal especially for an attache like me who did not have any previous experience on the same work.

Looking back, I must admit that I allowed my fear to control my mind. Both the fear of the known and the unknown. Or it could have been the fact that I was tired of so much work thus why I couldn’t take up the task.

Sometimes things will not go as we have planned. In fact, it may go on a completely different way and for that we are likely to go astray from our goals and plans. We should not allow ourselves to be knocked out by any form of barrier that may come our way. Too much pressure from ourselves and our surroundings of wanting to achieve that which we have set in mind may burn us of our energy, leaving us feeling empty from within which may force us into giving up.

It’s very easy to let go of our dreams whenever we feel like we cannot take it no more but it’s so much hard to start from the beginning up to where you’re now. So anytime you feel like wallowing in your comfort zone instead of putting in the work just remember that winners never quit and quitters never win and when going gets tough, the tough gets going so keep on keeping on like the winner that you’re.

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