What if I told you when I look upon the sea all I see is your reflection

Saying I love you is lucid in my smile
Tried a million and one times to get you out of my head but am attached to you like glue

Every minute with you counts making me crave for you daily
Truly love is blind because am blinded by your love
Our bond so strong no wave can bring it down
Hope is all I have for just you and me to be truly one

You and I are meant to be for you are my light in darkness
I be the queen of stars to always brighten up your night
Memories we will always share and be part of us
We met at our darkest times,
When our worlds were falling apart, all we had was each other. We stood by each other and became invisible to the hate and suffering . Its like phasing into another dimension where we only see each other.

We carry the weight of each others world. We stay strong for each other.
Our paths intertwined and tied up into little notches that are unbreakable.

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