What’s Your Level of Integrity?

What’s Your Level of Integrity?

October 10, 2023 0 By Tonny O. Blair

Several individuals and organizations have expressed concern regarding the provisions detailed in Chapter 6 of the 2010 Kenyan constitution, specifically those addressing leadership and integrity. Recent discussions have highlighted the importance of engaging young people in government decision-making processes, tackling the issue of climate change, and ensuring the streamlined operation of various departments and offices. Multiple media outlets have reported on these notable endeavours, which warrant further scrutiny and assessment.

As you continue on your journey towards achieving your goals, it is imperative that you take a moment to evaluate your own integrity. Are you able to consistently act with honesty and integrity in all situations? Unfortunately, many initiatives led by young individuals have encountered difficulties in maintaining transparency and accountability.

It has been reported that approximately 70% of these initiatives lack such qualities, which ultimately leads to their failure. These initiatives often attempt to conceal their shortcomings and may even exaggerate their successes for personal gain. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant and uphold strong values of transparency and honesty in all endeavours.

In one of his lectures, Prof. Patrice Loch Otieno Lumumba made an insightful observation about the state of honesty in Kenya, stating that it is often viewed as a risky trait. This is a troubling sentiment, as it discourages individuals from embodying integrity and promotes a culture of fear.

To combat this, it is crucial that we instead focus on inspiring positive role models and fostering a culture of integrity through mentorship. By empowering individuals and promoting education, we can work towards creating a more civilized society where honesty and integrity are celebrated and valued.

In order to see tangible progress and positive outcomes as a nation, it is crucial for a greater number of young people to prioritize and actively practice personal integrity, self-discipline, and goal-oriented actions. It is not enough to simply talk about these values; they must be consistently upheld and embodied by those involved in important projects and initiatives.

This is essential in order to avoid disappointment and ensure a successful outcome. Furthermore, it is recommended that the government assesses the integrity levels of individuals before including them in their plans, as this will lead to more effective and efficient collaboration towards shared goals.