Youths, Let’s Learn To Be Diverse

Youths, Let’s Learn To Be Diverse

October 7, 2023 0 By Tonny O. Blair

As per the 2019 census conducted by the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KBS), the total Kenyan population was approximately 48 million. The graph depicting population growth has been showing a gradual increase over time. Out of the total population, the youths constituted 29%, which translates to around 14 million individuals.

It is worth noting that the youth population has been increasing positively over time, which is definitely a commendable trend. However, the question that arises is what the future holds for them in terms of employment opportunities.

Currently, the rate of unemployment among youths has been rapidly increasing, with approximately 40% currently unemployed. Unfortunately, graduates make up a significant portion of those affected. Each year, over 50,000 students graduate according to Standard Newspaper, yet employment opportunities are scarce and cannot accommodate all graduates.

Numerous individuals seek higher education as a means to attain employment and establish a successful future. Regrettably, some individuals become disheartened and may even resort to burning their academic credentials or taking their own lives.

Nevertheless, this outcome can be prevented if we open ourselves up to diversity. At times, I contemplate the conventional route our forefathers took to enroll in tertiary institutions, which entailed undergoing National Youth Service (NYS) training and promoting diversity.

Let us strive for innovation and embrace diversity while acknowledging the value of new skills we may acquire. By volunteering and maintaining an open mind, we can broaden our horizons and pursue diverse paths, rather than limiting ourselves to a single direction, all while taking responsibility for our own financial well-being without relying on the government.

Rather than simply aiming for retirement, let us consider a career change and explore the abundant opportunities presented by advancing technology and modernization. We must be wise and seize opportunities as they arise, so as not to regret inaction later in life. And throughout this process, let us remain mindful of the importance of preserving, cherishing, and promoting nature.