Why Society Needs To Embrace Reading Culture

With the changing times, burgeoning of ages and systems, certain cultures that seemed more like a norm have been denounced to belong to a certain caliber.

The emphasis on proper grammar and advanced vocabularies used to be a job done by teachers back in high school and primary school. This included regulations and consequences that were enforced on student to adhere to the compelled language to be used on certain days.

Things have changed. Languages that are termed easier to engage different ethics are now taking more spaces in our society, that includes Sheng – a kenyan slang language which is a combination of both English and Swahili – though not necessarily the Swahili sanifu.

The dialect has been embraced more by the kenyan youth, who statistically occupy 75% of the population. This gives more justification to why the tongue has spread so fast and seems to be dominating other languages.

Apart from the kenyan music genre; gengetone, Radio stations such as Ghetto Radio and tabloids like Kioo are embracing the changes by engaging the Sheng community and promoting the diversification of languages.

In spite of the semantic progression, there are scars left that might be quite hard to heal as a society. The scars on language barrier for effective communication.

The formal languages used in corporate world is gravely affected, leading to reduced productivity due to lack of employment stability.

One of the most important skill that every employer pivot is the degree of communication. It’s a basic asset that everyone uses to get something done. It is a skill in this era that seem to be affecting most of the youngsters by cutting them out on so many outstanding opportunities.

We can’t blame it all on ethnicity but considering the invation of the tech world, a lot has ensue. The impacts are undeniably incredible but in the case of education, it has taken over on so many healthy cultures.

Unlike before where people were tuned to drama festivals, poetry, book clubs and plays that promoted reading culture and creativity, people are now tuned to more visuals. Which is broken down for easy consumption.

Though looking at its positive impacts, technology has easen work. To begin with those sending emails, it is now trouble-free due to the development of applications such as grammarly which is designed to improve the writing process therefore less strain.

Mobile phones now come with prediction bars that reduce the tedious job of finding vocabularies leading to a society deprived of mental stretch.

If only regulations or strategies to promoting a reading and creative culture in our society are figured out, then we would be at a better place to save the future minds.

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