Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

After the passing of Cheslie Kryst, the 2019 winner of themiss USA pageant, mental health is an issue that needs more attention now than ever.

It is so sad that we keep loosing young, talented people every now and then through suicide and mental disturbances.

The people around us are going through a lot, just that they can’t openly disclose. They will smile, laugh and even hang out with you but you won’t easily notice the burdens puliing them down.

Kryst’s physical beauty was covering up some terrible feelings and issues that were hardly noticed at a glance.

In 2020, Leanza Cornett who held the miss USA title in 1993, died from head injuries suffered in a fall at her Florida home. Cheslie Kryst died the same way, fall from a building. It’s sad, if not devastating.

Suicidal thoughts are increasingly being common among people. Especially in this time where life has take a pandemic route. From job losses and business flopping to family feuds.

Checking up on your friends and family is priceless. Just pick up your phone and call them. Inquire how they are doing. Just make them know that they is someone cares.

Mental health should be given more attention as physical health. A lot of people are suffering from mental health issues. Statistics have it that The united States, Colombia, the Netherlands and Ukraine have the highest rate of mental illnesses.

According to single care, 13% of the population in the world suffer from mental health disorders. The data shows that the number could increase as people around the world shelter in place and adjust to a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Seeking a better solution for depression is paramount. Making the decision to end your life only breaks the heart’s of the people you live behind. It’s like the pain moves from you and into the people who love you.

Finding someone you can confide in and talk about the issues you are going through can help in reducing the depression. Opening up is very essential.

People give too much attention to their physical health and forget that their mental health is just as important. That’s where we go wrong.

There’s a lot that is going on in the world. A lot of issues that might be troubling us. Numerous pressure. But suicide should never be the end goal.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The hard times are just part of life. And the good side is, no hard time is permanent. They will come and go, like the wind.

Don’t bottle up the feelings, because they will eventually burst out and be extremely uncontrollable. Always find someone to talk to, could be a therapist, a friend, a relative. Let’s put a full stop to mental health issues.

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