Reasons Why You Should Date/Marry Your Best Friend

Love between people who understand each other is more sweet than love between strangers. Being in a relationship with someone whom you’ve been friends with before is an amazing adventure, and many will agree.


Most marrige counsellors advocate for people to marry their own best friends. They say it’s more peaceful staying with someone that you’ve know in and out over the years.


It can be a debacle to have a best friend of the opposite gender. Especially when you are dating someone else at the time. Most lovers don’t entertain the thought of their partners having best friends of the opposite gender. It is seen as a shortcut to cheat.


We could have been in situations where our partners had friends of the opposite gender. It is never a good feeling seeing them together. That’s when insecurities start to kick.


For you to have a best friend of th opposite gender, it is safe if both of you are single. When you are both single, it will be easier to meet and hangout freely without feeling as if you are doing the wrong thing.


Friendships have boundaries, just like relationships. There are lines that your friend shouldn’t cross. These lines may include:

• Invasion of privacy

• Sexual advances

• Snitching

Invasion of privacy

some friends can b notorious to a point of not respecting your privacy. They will dig into your personal life till they make you uncomfortable. Some people prefer their phones to be private. Once you realise your friend is among those people, it is best to not touch their phone unless they allow you to do so.


Privacy is important. It is good to be mysteries a little. And no one should invade anyone’s privacy.


Sexual advances

It is normal for people to get attracted to other people. However it is inappropriate for your friend to start throwing Sexual advances your way. It will not only be awkward but also uncomfortable.


In as much this can be empasized, some people will still end up sleeping with their best friends of the opposite gender. Best friends get too close that they find it hard to resist some advances.



Your friend should always have your back no matter what. They should b the ones to lock your secrets and be by side in every situation.


A friend who goes behind your back to say awful things about you i not really worth being your friend. In fact, he should be in the same category with your enemies.


You could be asking yourself why I outlined the boundaries. Well, worry no more. The boundaries help you to know how to interact with your friends. And best friends.


Having these boundaries in mind will help you know the reasons why you need to marry no other person but your best friend.


So, what are these reasons to marry your best friend?


1. You’ll be free with them

it is obvious to tell your best friend everything. It is also common to always feel free around your best friend. Wouldn’t that be the best feeling ever in your marriage?


Having a partner whom you can trust and tell everything is amazing. There are couples that find it hard to share information. This could be a case of mistrust or they just don’t feel free with each other.


There are topics that can be hard to share with your lover. Maybe because you fear they can get mad or judge you. Somehow, such dirty talks are not hard to talk with someone that you are free with.


2. Besties know you in and out

Best friends know each other deeply. They share everything that they become like siblings. Having someone that you know in and out for the rest of your life is everyone’s dream.


This could range from best moments, likes, dislikes, best food, how they act when mad, their dream careers et cetra, et cetra.


There is that game that is mostly played at weddings where the bride and the bridegroom are asked questions to gauge how much they know each other. Besties would automatically nail and ace on this one, don’t you think so?


Knowing how to handle someone’s mood swings or knowing how they react on certain matters is also essential.


3. Lots of memories

What is life without memories. Having memories as a couple is unarguably the best thing ever. Having a park that reminds you of something, or a restaurant where you had your first date, maybe the street where you met and so on. Those memories create a strong connection between lovers.


Best friends who have stayed together for longer years obviously have more memories. They have so many memories that they could easily forget some. They could pop up once in a while when a conversation that reminds them of the memories comes along.


When you marry someone whom you hold a million memories with, life will automatically be fun. And in most cases, this type of couple hardly break up because they have a whole line of history together.


4. Matching vibes

You have obviously met people who don’t match at all. Maybe one of them is talkative than the other, or the one of them is religious and the other a total pagan. It happens. These couples exist.


Spending the rest of your life with someone whom your vibes match is heavenly. You can share relatable stories and laugh together in happiness.


Best friends are a bundle of joy. They make life sweet and make the moments worth living.


Chosing a lifetime partner is one of the riskiest decision on earth. This is someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with. So, you have to be as sober as a judge and make the most appropriate decision.


Most people chose partners based on the wrong things such as physical appearance and that’s where they miss the shot.


When choosing a partner, look beyond their physical appearance, like the wise ones say, there is more than what meets the eye.

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