5 Simple Ways to Deal with Social Media Addiction

5 Simple Ways to Deal with Social Media Addiction

June 3, 2021 0 By Ngare Wambui

Someone tweeted, “Social media literally brought us close to those who are far and took us away from those who are around us.” That hit hard.

With the advancement in technology, the internet has become part of our day to day preoccupations. We spend more time on social media, more than we spend time with our friends and family.

Social media platforms are good avenues to meet new friends, network with like minded individuals and even get soulmates. Of course you have heard of a couple who met on Facebook and got married, haven’t you? That’s what’s up.

Millennials and genrration Z are becoming addicts of these new and fresh inventions. It’s even ‘uncool’ to not have an instagram account. You are not on Instagram? What are you doing with your life? They’ll ask.

With the continuous use of these platforms, it has become hard for young people to spend an hour away from their gadgets. It has become an addiction.

In as much as social media is perfect for socializing and networking, it’s addiction may expose you to major harms such as cyber bullying, trolling, and even depression.

Here are 5 ways to deal with social media addiction:

1. Limit your usage
Limiting your time on social media will help you deal with the addiction. You can set specific times to be active. This will help you give attention to other activities and also make you productive.

2. Turn off your notifications
When you stop notifications from disturbing your normal routine, you might find it easier to concentrate on your daily tasks and not get distracted so easily. Notifications are a constant reminder that something is happening in the online world and you might feel like you’re missing out. Turn off the notifications. Do.

3. Get yourself a new hobby
You may have a lot more free time on your hands now that you’re trying to cut down on your social media usage, so why not pick up a new hobby to fill your spare time? You could learn a new skill or do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. You’ll probably surprise yourself at how much free time you have when you stop mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed.

4. Spend more time with your friends and family

Instead of keeping up to date with your friends’ and family members’ lives through a screen, spend time with them in the real world and reconnect with them. Make new memories and keep them personal to you — you don’t need to document everything you do in life with selfies.

5. Meet people in real life
There are so many ways you can meet people in real life. You could volunteer at an organisation, attend an event, organize a get-together where all your friends bring a friend, or get involved in church or school activities. Whatever activity you choose, you’ll be making connections with new people in reality, which totally beats stalking your ex on Facebook, obsessing over celeb’s Instagram feeds, or trying to take the perfect workout selfie.