Sincerely Daisy: When Parents Listen to their Kids

Sincerely Daisy, a Kenyan film written by Natasha Likimani (who wrote You Again and Mali) and directed by Nick Mutuma, premiered on Netflix on October 9, 2020.

The film revolves around the life of Daisy (played by Ella Maina),a fresh ambitious high school graduate.Her father has promised to send her to study in China, and she is so excited about it.

Back at home, mom and dad are fighting because they are in a financial crisis; they do not have the money to take her to China to advance her studies.

They argue on whether they should sell their piece of land or not. She eavesdrops on them and it is here that things seem to fall apart.

She auditions for a lead role in a Television Soap alongside his boyfriend and best friend. She is hoping that she will get the job and so help with paying for her fees.

She fails to secure the lead role and Amina, her best friends get it. She even goes ahead to sleep with Daisy’s Boyfriend Collins, and this, in addition to the situation at home, tears her apart.

In all honesty, this movie is a modern-day problem-solution film. It showcases how teens are always in a constant struggle to do stuff, and their parents being so mean and inconsiderate.

For the case of Daisy, it is clear that she is young, barely 19. However, she is passing through a hard phase of life, that of thinking she is a burden to her parents (they want to sell a piece of land for her studies) and feeling as if she is not good enough(the boyfriend choosing her boyfriend over her.)

Her mother, just like any mother out there, is brought out as being so strict and overprotective. She sternly advises her to get a boyfriend after college. Even when she comes home late and drank and the dad asks her mother to talk to her, she is judgy and angry.

But what happens when she decides to listen to her daughter without judging her harshly and pointing fingers? She understands that Daisy is 18 years old, an adult if you may.

Even when she goes out on a date with a poet she met during the rehearsals, the mother allows it. She comes to the understanding that if you listen to your kid, you will understand them and thus advise accordingly without mouthing or forming your own opinions.

The father has been perceived as being lenient which could be dangerous sometimes. But it is love. It is making her daughter feel loved. It is making her believe she has a home in her parent(s).

Some of the things that parents can do to listen to their children include, avoiding lectures, sparing time to talk about stuff like anger, depression, being present during conversations both physically and mentally, not getting angry or irritated when he/she does something wrong but listening actively and working as a team to solve it.

On the other side, children, especially teenagers, should understand that their parent’s protective nature is out of love. They should be happy that they care. But, in case they do something that is frowned upon, they should talk openly to their parents, to get their perspective.

Finally, Sincerely Daisy is not only loved because it is a Kenyan movie that has premiered on Netflix but the fact that it is purely Kenyan. Its originality can be seen in the almost 70% Swahili. There is also Kikuyu in it. So while it is entertaining, I feel the greatest lessons of all is parenting.

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