Lessons from the pandemic

Lessons from the pandemic

October 28, 2020 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

2020 has been a mysterious year. A year that has made countless people jobless, has made students laze around at home and taken away lives of the innocent. This year has come with so many lessons at hand as well, wrapped hiddenly in a disaster.

If young people haven’t learnt one or two things from this pandemic, then they are missing a big chunk of life lessons. Life itself is unpredictable and full of surprises. Today you are celebrating, tomorrow you are mourning. No one ever thought 2020 will be this dark when we shouted “Happy New Year” on 31st December 2019.

Some scribbled down the resolutions that were slashed by the pandemic. However, there are blessings within. Look closely.

Here is the time to perfect your skills. Grow your potentials. Lesson: even though the pandemic shut down schools, businesses, jobs… we all have that gift or ability that we can invest in and pluck fruits from it. Here is that time. We have a handful of enough time to perfect our skills, to start that business, to follow that dream. The light is still bright at the end of that tunnel. Hope is still alive.

Saving culture is one of the most top notch habit that the pandemic has reminded us to embrace. Saving money is very important. You never know what the future holds. You never know what happens tomorrow. You might lose your job, your business might flop or you might encounter losses in any nature of life – and savings will come through. Those who lost their jobs during this period have either been surviving on savings or debts. Lesson: Always have a saving pot.

The friends you keep around determine a lot on how your life will be. You hang out with drunkards, they’ll lure you into drinking. You hang out with thieves, they’ll teach you how to snatch. You hang out with academic giants, you also become a giant too. You hang out with business minded people, eventually you will have a business. Who are you hanging out with? Are they worth your time? Will they pull you up when you are drowning in trouble? Will they help you realize your mistakes and help you change? Will they check on you often anf keep your secrets too? We need friends who will always help us grow. Whether it is spiritually, physically or mentally. We need that. Friends that will check on us to make sure we have eaten, we are safe and we are still pressing on. Lesson: Find yourself a good circle. We have all witnessed broken ties, stumbled relationships and dead relations within our circles during this pandemic period. Plastic friends.

There will always be downs and ups. Even after this pandemic, we shall embark to our normalcy and enjoy. We shall resume to what we were used to. The big question however is, how are you going back? Are you going back the same? Are you going back better? Or are you going back drained?

Use this time to figure out something. There is hope, there is life. Figure out a way out – THINK.

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