Yesterday Night

Yesterday Night

October 23, 2020 0 By Osoraaw Ink

As the drum beats sounded
I knew all was not well
The third sound was awry
My insides ached

Standing on that stool
I could see people run
The smoke that covered your hut
Choked my lungs

Some said you were deep asleep
I believed none
I braved the fire to come in
But there you were

Asleep, you looked
I carried you through the door
To the far corner so you get air
Pumped into your full lungs

Your eyes closed tight
Your body cold and stiff
Tears down my dry cheeks
I can’t forget last night

You told me you wanted me
That you will give me your life
I was happy I couldn’t find sleep
Why did you leave so fast?

Now my heart cries
To the supreme being
How could He let you rest so early
You were only ripe to be plucked