You can see her elegance in her walk
Her head always up and straight us her hands
You can see her sparkly white teeth with a gap in her perfect smile
Her body well curved in her long Ankara dress
Admired by all when she walks majestically down the river
She balances her pot on her head with a poise
Her culture she appreciates and respects all rites
You can hear all parents telling their children to follow her ways
Affirmative the man to marry her is the luckiest
Even though she declines all suitors who set foot in there homestead
When she hums in the silence her voice so clear
How friendly she is to all,kids tug along to hear her thrilling stories
So protective when it comes to her family,community and culture
Her beauty ain’t illustrated by words
Her beauty made her queen of stars
She ain’t an international model,she is mama Africa

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