We met in the elevator. I remember that vividly because she had a white trouser…er not actually, I couldn’t ignore that booty, to be honest.

She sashayed in, her black handbag hanging loosely on her chelidon, like the balls of an old bull. Her height intimidating, ilk of Goliath in heels. I couldn’t ignore staring at ‘heaven’ infront of me. She pressed “5” then fished out her phone from the handbag, in the process dropping a used condom.

“Hey, you’ve dropped something.” I said to her. She gave an awkward smile, a smile that could make a man make a plan, then picked the condom up like it wasn’t a big deal.

That’s how it all began.

She had all the B’s checked: Beautiful, Bootyfull, Businessminded and Brainy -just the way a gentleman prefers. She however wasn’t into commitments – she never wished to be in a relationship and never dreamt of marriage.

We had a fairytale kinda special bond.

Dinner dates on Fridays; where we’d talk about our strengths and weaknesses, what we could do to make the bond extra special, how our week was and whether Jesus had a girlfriend.

Ice cream dates on Saturday afternoons were special, not forgetting to mention swimming on Sundays – of course after church.

She knew the right buttons to press. Her visits to my crib involved cooking together, listening to love songs, pillow fights, board games, watching movies, cuddling and explosive marathon of love making.

She had a voice that you’d absolutely kill to have in your playlist. We could sing our favourite songs together, smile at each other and at times kisses snatched us our voices.

Waking up next to her made my mornings golden. She’d kiss me out of my dreamland and whisper something in the neighbourhood of “goodmorning my love,” and I’d croak back, “Merry Christmas darling.” She’d then go to prepare breakfast as I headed to the washroom to multitask; yawn and pee.

Love had never felt that way before. I have never been to heaven, but I tell you, this felt like heaven.

Sorry? what? Why we broke up?

Oooh well, she became a nun.

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