July 31, 2020 1 By Liz Kagai

I have a lot to thank for this Covid Season.
I’ve never had a liking for therapists so the knowledge I’ve ganered from listening to myself is a gift borne of the present times. I have learned and analyzed myself like a Chemistry book and found the curves and edges, my triggers and my moments. I can’t express my gratitude enough for finally knowing how to express my previously thought of stupid feelings and acquiring the art of discerning the cause, prevention and ‘cure’ for each emotion. Wisdom comes with the mastery of one’s emotions enough not to react but to respond to a situation. I may consider myself work in progress, but at least I can proudly profess that I’m on the right path.

Covid Season doesn’t come with a Santa. Maybe that’s why I don’t get what I wished for, but instead, what I’ve for a long time needed! Peace, serenity and understanding that surpasses the common laws of physics. It’s been a process but the fact that it was intentional coupled with my utmost commitment, nothing has proven futile. Trusting the process hasn’t fucked me over like betrayals do. Who knew just four months would make all the difference?
How would you explain the season? If not a miracle, what is? A miracle of time, away from the fatigue of school assignments, bouncing and recurring lectures. Away from pressuring responsibilities, endless meetings and everything but perfect events. Away from all the attention, stress. Away from toxic untimed love. From running late on rent, waking up to annoying knocks (mistaken for bringing down the door). Away from pressure from within and without, drowning me like crazy!
Jotting down the endless of blessings this period has birthed for me — PEACE!!, Closure, Healing, Forgiveness, Letting go, Crushed, Broken and admist it all, found love.

The magnitude of transformation this period has had on me, I’m just speechless. I lack enough words to express my gratitude. You may not get the emotive part, how about this: culture of reading, blossomed writing… I’m counting my blessings, overwhelmed that they are Abraham-countless.
“Everything happens for a reason,” favorite verse-quote used in Manifest(the series). I thank the Almighty for this miracle of time.

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