July 31, 2020 1 By Liz Kagai

The irony of life,
That the rich admire the creativity in that ball ya makaratasi,
While the poor cry for lack of funds and resources (standard ball),
That the wealthy slay with dem gold chains,
Never said hi to the goldsmith at the corner in a shanty,
That the classy cash out in KFC just to take a bite,
While hundreds go days without a meal, hungry!

That money has been a standard of morality,
With SUVs, everyone suffers as the ozone depletes,
Million dollar corruption cases, don’t smell a door cell with a bail out,
Policies to enrich the rich at the expense of the poor.

Paradoxic how,
The rich work so hard to earn them dollars,
Just to end up donating the much they won’t need
Waking up crack of dawn to cast a vote,
Later just to realize it’s a ticket to steal your sweat
Democracy! Everyone has a voice!
Yet don’t consult when borrowing just to trap us in a rat race?

Funny how,
Can’t stop yelling in the house for the maid missing a spot,
Yet you don’t walk your talk
Pulling strings to get that tender,
Only to supply well sealed air,
And still smile all the way to the bank
To go collect your share!

Sometimes a look at graft makes one wish anarchy was an option!

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