It’s never done until you begin. From the 256,Lilian also known as Lil Kay is a singer with vocals. A rare breed she can sing dancehall, afro beat and rnb. She describes her passion for music as a whole being. We get to catch up with her and this is what she says.
Tell us about yourself
I’m Lil Kay derived from Lilian Kayanga my original names, a Ugandan from the Eastern region. I am new to the music industry and each day that passes, I get to learn new things and that’s improving my growth in the industry. I am not only a musician but I do write my music as well. I love art, and I love writing about life, nature, love, and special moments as well. All in all I love music, and it so much fills my soul.

What does Music mean to you?
Music means a lot to me. I find relief in music, I find hope in it, it’s my stress killer, it’s my source of energy and vibe. I love and adore music, I dream music I breathe music. So it’s part of me. Even when I try to run away from it, it still finds me. So music is my everything.

How would you describe the genre of music that you do?
At the moment, I am versatile. I’ve written a couple of reggae songs, that’s Call me, Eno Love, Nesunze but I’ve also written dance hall songs, afrobeat, afro pop and soul music . Very soon you shall get to listen to the ones I’ve not yet released. So call me the ‘Versatile’

Tell us about byoyagala, what is the inspiration behind it?
Byoyagala is a dance hall song. And this is one song i wrote from studio. The inspiration behind it is quite interesting. I had a man who wanted me so bad as his babe, I loved him but I couldn’t say it so it so happened that he came with me to studio that night, and when the producer played me the beat, the first word that sentence that came to mind was ‘Saba Byona Byoyagala Nkuwe’ meaning I was answering him and ready for anything that would happen. So I wrote my lyrics while looking at him

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
There’s always development and growth in music. The way I started is not the way i am now, at the moment I’m getting exposure to different platforms, audiences, and new trends. So I believe in 5 years to come I will be far better than what I’m today. I’m expecting better, meaningful, inspirational music and better videos, huge audience in and outside Uganda, because I’m growing stronger each day.

Apart from music what else do you do?
I work for an Online Company, but I also have my personal business running that helps me generate more income to support my music. I do poultry farming as well.

Which international artist do you admire? Why?

She is called Etana a reggae Artist , she inspires me a lot because apart from her strong and healthy vocals, she’s got meaningful lyrics, they are real, and she’s always descent.

What should your fans expect from you this year?
I have new projects I’ve worked on, and very soon I’m releasing my new song “Kamele” I’ve taken time to work on these projects and I believe the delivery is good, the videos will be better. So they should really expect the best from me despite the pandemic. I will do my best

If you could change something about your past, what would it be?
Time! Trying to put other people and pleasing them before me.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
You only live once, do what you have to do when you still have a chance.

Parting shot
I would love to thank everyone who believes in me because I am a totally shy person but I am becoming what I am because of the endless messages that I receive from my fans who keep encouraging me and sending me messages that I could make it and my friends too. I know one day I’ll make everyone who believes in me proud

Social Media Handles
Instagram: lil_kay_256
Facebook: @LilKay256
Twitter: @LilKay256

A teacher, blogger, writer. Managing Editor of The Youthing Magazine. Life is beautiful.

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