July 9, 2020 0 By Annyta Chemutai

Stars don’t sparkle for a lifetime and neither does the sun shines all round. We embrace it as long as it lasts and learn to live in it’s absence as long as our patience dominates us. Natures beauty path has got only one key that’s wild and so is our smiles, age and extant. We could wish for two,three or four more lives but was it our will to be given a solitary one?

We all are in the opinion that “You Only Live Once” ,,but could we live over again? By that I have in view that we can enliven our dead side.That side that has got no turn on and holds our weakest spots for it contains grudges.Its got no energy for building our happiness

Charms wouldn’t exist for a lifetime. That guy or lady that’s been hitting on you like their life depends on it wouldn’t be doing so after several denials. Our papas and mamas can’t be there to cuddle us till our last breathe and moreso, doing things we didn’t do at our young age would be out of question because years already turned it’s back on us. Wherein nothing lasts forever,our heart beats till our final goodbye and still beats for that random person you’ve never been willing to acquit.

Fadings are real;visions, spans,physc and worst of all,our music tastes. This could hit harder to the music lovers especially those at their salad days. Gone would be the moments when we’d feel that there’s more life left in us. Couldnt we enjoy all the stuff that if left behind would be termed as self disappointments?

At some point,we’re gonna be low, we’re gonna loose everything we once had, our beautiful smiles, unending picnics, awesome dance moves, the beautiful figures that every lady craves for, and unknowingly, losing ourselves could be part of our greatest loses. Our faces would be the last thing people would wanna recognize. Regrets could be the most screwed up thing we’d do, instead, let’s make memories. Memories with those beings that make us part of them and that the world has levels of sunshine to offer, even in the dark. And in the end, we don’t wanna waste any single minute of a chance given.

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