She will shower you with so much love  but first, she will have to fight you. She will stand defensively with some loose noose of uncertainity around her neck. A noose you thought you already had  cut just before you got a Yes. Her eyes are well trained by her previous experiences to detect  coumoflaged red flags. This battle you are in has nothing to do with you. It is  about all the things that she has gone through. Trying to understand them and lending your charity hand will only cause you  heartache. That gesture might even be misinterpreted as the awaited red flag .

We understand that you were brought up well, you are not the kind that just stands like a lamp post as what concerns you scatters like a whirlwind. So you try to reach out to her  because things have cleary been a bit tense.  She is uncertain as to why she hasn’t detected anything after observing you keenly like a lab specimen.  She doesn’t believe in the good types as you shall come to know  and she takes irrationally to her expectations being unmet. So she thinks that you are puting on an act.  If you were to be asked politely, you are as real as the Sunsets in Maasai Mara . When you saw her, your Soul pointed at her and whispered to your Heart, Her . So you loved her more than you would a bag full of the new kenyan currency. Things in  your life happens in two colours, in black and in white. If she is a bit off then it has to be something you did.

Those who socialised you forgot to educate you on some healthy level of self-differentiation. That anothers person’s emotional problems might or might not be associated with you. So you deliver to her some well versed apologies wrapped and delivered like a boquet of something that would earn you another yes. In doing this however , her expectations are validated and the time bomb blows right below your disbelieving gobsmucked and  selfless heart.

Your pillows will witness the ensuing battle of emotions each night before you finally catch some sleep. Each day as you hang on the believe that you are a good guy and you treated them nicely. One thing should remain more clear than Daylight and a setting sun however , that emotions are complex and you shouldn’t try to understand them using reason. You should lock her up in your heart as a good memory and move on in pursuit of yet another even better one.

Who knows what lies ahead?

Not you and not me

But him.



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