It’s her demeanor that will attract you to her,
Her infectious smile find your way closer to her,
Her brilliant utterance lose your eyes in hers,
And her impeccable beauty make you fall for her.

Amazing is her grace with everything she does,
Surprising how she appreciates the beauty in all she’ll sight,
Admirable her deep compassion in all she’ll touch,
Her diligence inspiring without a doubt!

Her back has seen it all,
She knows the piercings of hot suns and teary clouds,
Her skin has tasted dewy mornings and her toes the red soil,
Yet her body is firm and laziness shivers at her presence.

She knows how to knit a crotchet and how to love a man
She knows how to cook pilau and how to dress a man
She knows submissiveness is the beauty and she explores it well
Her hands are strong for children to find comfort
Her eyes are beautiful to remind her man what he fell in love it at first-her sight!

She is a fighter!
A lover!
More cute than cuteness because her beauty manicures other beauties,
More beautiful than beautiful because her prettiness VIPs other beauties.

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