‘Papa taught me that you can have the deepest roots, you can be the strongest, the tallest but if you don’t have aid from your village, all is in vain.

We lived by this principle and for centuries, we survived through storms and heavy rains. We had the shallowest roots so we used to join roots with all the village members and the conjunction made us survive anything that was brought to us. The town called us the redwoods as of our survival skills. We adapted the name but our clan added the name crannel to it.

Our merit came in the 1940s when we were all cut down to help them build shelters from our barks. If only they could plant us while they were cutting us down so as to keep us from extinction. Keep our legacy on how we lived,now,we are but picture frames and history books to you. Not my point exactly.’

The crannel clan knew that by linking their shallow roots together, it would have made them stronger. The fact that they were the tallest tress, no one would have imagined them going anywhere but down. They understood their dimness and urbanized a system that turned out to be their solid-state point. No man is an island and two works better than one.

Taking you back to our economics class, teacher always reminded us that one plus one is three since there is a special force that stands extra when we decide to work together. Come to think of it, I now understand why group discussion were so imperative to him and he even added more marks to group work than individual.

Working as a team does not show that you are weak. In fact, it symbolises how strong you are to realize you cannot perform the task alone. The Crannel’s didn’t let their shallow roots define them. Working as an individual, it is effective but then, as a team, the performance is efficient.

Going far demands a team .We are not perfect and never will we be. it’s is better for all of us to know that there is a point in our life time, we will need someone to hold the spade as we dig for gold. We might work alone and succeed but remember, just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

Though tough times don’t last, tough teams do, a team is like a car, you can walk to where you want, but if you take a car, you will reach your destination early enough. It’s said that coming together is a beginning, staying together is a process and working together leads to success.

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