April 8, 2020 0 By Jack Nthigah

Quarentine, this is a word not known to alot of people before sister Rona came to be. I remember when it came,My grandma was like, “Karéntina Kaú karéruo nî kí?” which in english means,”what is this quarentine?” that got my ribs cracking as i tried to explain what “karentina” was.

What is quarentine though? It is some kind of restriction of movements with the intent of slowing a spread of illness or a virus such as Sister Rona.
Corona virus has really changed peoples daily live styles and stuff.
She has really hit us hard that can no one single person in the world is unaffected,most of all our Bundengs,Kevos and Brayos.
imagine not going out on fridays, no birthday parties,no snapchat since they using the excuse that “wako home”. That has got to suck. But its just a seoson and its gonna pass,the question is,what do you do to keep sane,relationships to work and not to lose it all?

First of all, you may feel more stressed and even experience panic after watching or reading the news. Decide which topics you will stay away from because additional information either doesn’t help you or works against you. Exercise is essential right now, both for your body and your mind. Any type of movement counts as exercise, including walking on a trail while keeping social distance.
Most of us dont have our girlfriends and boyfriends around which kind of nags been in a relationship that is not physical with your other half. Try going old school and make a playlist inspired by the relationship – your favorite song, what was playing when you first kissed and so on. Try keeping it spicy and talk on the phone regulary.
Plan to make the same meal, video chat while preparing it and eat together over the internet.(this actually works *smiley face*.
Watch a alot of movies,read books and listen to music.

And most of all,try taking it easy on yourself, not doing anything doesnt have to make feel low or depressed,it is our day to day life now and you have to normalise it.
Dont let this pandemic get under your skin and always stay positive, not for Rona ofcourse!