My Attraction To the Wrong Men

My Attraction To the Wrong Men

April 9, 2020 0 By Belinda Ashlyn

I’ve been in the game of chasing and being chased for years now, but I find myself entangled in a love nest with the same kind of characters. my friends give me assurance each time I begin to groove with a guy, they’d be like, “girlfriend! He’s your match, you guys look good together, he’s your perfect match, you guys can make a cute couple”. if you have those two girls in your circle or that gay friend that acts like your relationship advisor and a perfect match detector, its obvious you’ve encountered these kind of compliments.

The things these guys did were all I yearned and expected from my prince charming. Like kissing in the rain, watching the sunset together, chase each other along the shore and go to the movie theaters together huh… All I meant is the life in Hollywood movies.

I didn’t know this were just my honey moon, movie trailor if you like. When we’re left alone in the house you would think it’s a bull fight pitch because of the way we argued unnecessarily, yelled and threw pillows at each other. I used to look like a ripen tomato and he’d go to work with bruices and scratches all over his face and legs because we were always wrestling. After our fights, I could sit back and have flashbacks of how I featured my imaginary boyfriend who had a combination of victor Wanyama ,Nick Mutuma and Pascal Tokodi. Here I got myself a konjestina.

For the longest time, I thought I attracted the wrong guys but the truth of the matter is that I’m the one attracted to the Otienos and Kinuthias who enjoyed exchanging blows as a way of solving conflicts. It’s Iike what I want is different from what I desire.