September 29, 2019 2 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Freshmens get initiated into campus life in different styles, formulaes and criterias. Some will come with knowledge from the anecdotes they heard from their older peers, some from movies and most experience it, first hand.

Freshers night (some call it fresher’s party) is the ‘initiation day’ for most of these innocent-highschool-graduates. In every campo, college, or polytechnic, the entertainment director organises fresher’s night with the intended motive of making the freshers enjoy their welcome to the new life. But… You think team mafisis are on that same page?

This is the day when that holy damsel from kiambu tastes alcohol. The day when that kisii guy gets himself in a brawl and lose his teeth. The day when that coast muslim girl gets her virginity taken by a fourth year. And what happens to that luhya guy, that guy who received copious advice from his folks before joining campo, he survives the devil’s claw, coz he preferred staying in the hostels masturbating.

Not all freshmen go to have fun. Not all. Whilst their fellows are out there twerking to “figa” and “wamlambezz”, they’d rather sing along to ” this is a move” by Tasha Cobbs.

That holy damsel from kiambu who tasted alcohol (and probably made it her favourite drink) becomes the ‘tanker’ (she now becomes a religious drinker.) That kisii guy who lost her teeth starts living with insecurities. He covers his mouth whenever he smies, or laughs. That coastarian that gave her virginity to a fourth year Upgrades from students to sponsors. Trading her kitty for money. During the day, she camouflages herself in a hijab, ooh yes, she was a muslim.

Freshers night in it’s diversification brings together people with different motives and different mentalities.

Such nights begets the demons in people. Such nights instills demons in people. They are the best nights to change from a pastor to a thug, from a nun to a prostitute and … from a sissy to a bruce lee.