September 27, 2019 2 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Have you ever met your girlfriend with her boyfriend? Or vice versa? That’s a feeling on another level.

Relationships have become void. True love is only found in movies and romance novels, atleast in this era. Girls are multitaskers by nature, they know the art of juggling multiple lovers at a go. Men, on the flip of the coin, have learnt the creativity of flipping countless damsels in one night.

I have a female friend who was in a 7 months relationship but only came to know of her boyfriend’s girlfriend whom they have in a 2-year relationship. Twisted, no? She found them in a compromising position – the girl on top of him ‘coconuting’ the ride! “I felt confident till the bitch yelled they were ‘celebrating’ their two years anniversary” She said.

Love is becoming a debacle for every soul and the innocent ones are on the receiving end, getting heartbreaks after heartbreaks.

It has become almost null to find someone with one loyal lover. Everyone seems to be getting comfortable in being entitled unfaithful.

Sex, a component of a healthy relationship has become like a greeting. ‘You want it, schedule a day for us.’ Sex has become easy to get. The ’till marriage’ mentality has burnt into ashes! No one is patient. Life is short after all, they’ll tell you.

And then you’ll wonder why the rate of HIV/AIDS is on the rise? You’ll wonder why early pregnancies has become more common than unemployment in kenya? You will?

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