January 5, 2019 0 By Carole Beavons

SheeGee Music is a music group duo made up of Brown Pouffy and Naughty spitter. The heavy lines and authentic flow in their songs converts any listener to a fan. Here is an interview with the duo.

T.Y.M : What’s the name of your band?

SheeGee Music : We’re SheeGee Music

T.Y.M : Please tell us the name of each member of the crew.

SheeGee Music : Sometimes back we were four, but two left and we were left two Brown Pouffy and Naughty Spitter.

T.Y.M :What Genre of music do you consider your work to be? And Who are your major influences

SheeGee Music: We do trap and secular music.Our music targets on what today’s youths like.

T.Y.M : When did you form your band?What inspired you to make music together?

SheeGee Music : SheeGee was formed early last year when we met and decided to gang up when we saw we could make something better together.

T.Y.M : Do you have a record label?

SheeGee Music : Yeah sure,we work with B.M.A Records

T.Y.M : Who writes your songs?

SheeGee Music : We do write them

T.Y.M : How can fans-To-Be get access to your music?

SheeGee Music : We are on YouTube as SheeGee Music, you can also get our audios at Music We Make (

T.Y.M : What’s your ultimate direction?Are you seeking fame/fortune?

SheeGee Music : Actually you can never force fame,in the meantime we’re seeking fortune and at long last fame will bring itself.

T.Y.M : That’s really nice,thank you for your time guys,welcome once again.