January 8, 2019 0 By Alvin Okoti

The aura is a field of energy that surrounds every human being. It is, in some way, composed of various colours. It also tends to change to a dark or dull colour when one undergoes sickness, emotional challenges, fear or stress.

Have you ever asked why some people are good at making friends and are able to draw together people just because of how they conducted the themselves or because of their personalities.

Most of us, fear doing things or approaching people just because we fear the other persons reaction to our approach. This depends on a wide area of factors that need to be addressed and exercised in our lives.

Have you ever asked yourselves why at times it gets so hard to withdraw your attention from someone within a room due to just how they portray themselves? Or why it is easy to notice a person’s character even before talking to them. This happens to have some effect on our aura.

What do we need to do to keep this energy glowing?

Thoughts that cross our minds daily are what matter most. They have a positive impact on relations we do have almost daily. We probably have heard this somewhere that whatever you think, you become. This is quite true and also what you imagine, you create.

One who sees themselves as successful is able to make it happen in real life. Imagine yourself being so influential that anyone you interact with will always be willing to again see you once again or wish for more time with you. Be that person.

Statements made about you could also be a measure of who or what you could be. Most of us in our lifetime have received compliments on how good or perfect they are at doing something, or how spectacular they are at convincing people, or their prowess in a certain field.

This should be a yardstick on finding your inner self and working to better yourself off than before. Lock out the negative comments and focus on the many positive ones you get.

Meditation is quite important in a way we get to relax our minds. This gives us the ability to let go of the negative energy that’s built up within us and focus on positive energy to take us through the day.

This helps us to move around in peace and be able to attract people closer to us based on the positive aura that is active. This makes it easy to relate with others around us in an effective way.

At times, we are known to create problems or imaginations that do not exist. Example is when one has a headache and sweats alot almost daily and always rushes to taking pain killers without realising we need water for our bodies to keep them hydrated and cool.

This happens to us that instead of keeping calm we invent things in our minds that never exist. Instead, focus on the positive side of things. Definitely some situations will require to shed some light on the negatives but still have a positive approach and attitude.

Keep calm in all situations not to affect peace generated from within.

Peace built within is of importance. This allows us to know and understand how we work, how well we relate with others, what we are good at, how we influence us and good knowledge of how others think of us.

Peace also would come from knowing what helps us be relaxed or keep calm in a war like environment with yourself.

We should have repartee statements about ourselves by people close to us sound again and again once we go to rest. This kind of how many people you influenced, or met and were encouraged with how you related with them.

Having these few steps maintaned would be beneficial in a way that we are able to accomplish much that we have targeted in a more peaceful and relaxed way.