February 26, 2020 2 By Nims Muchemi

I believed my skin was clear until I started to watch a beauty blog, with such flawless skin, she was generous enough to take us through her skincare routine. Immediately, I ran to the nearest beauty store to buy products that could help me reach that precise look. Funny enough, I was calm with how my skin looked until I viewed her channel. I thought my skin was in pretty good condition until someone told me that it could be better. Why then, did I have the impulse to interfere with what I knew was perfect?

Most ladies will have the pressure to look their finest every single time. The question is, is there any right way to feel beautiful? The beauty industry has provided ladies with a lot of information but it appears that too much information is too much. ladies feel trapped in their insecurities. The question is not whether you can’t stay without applying mascara, the problem is why it feels depraved when you do it

A research conducted by vox concluded that the society describes a lady as per her physical appearance but a man not so much. Vox magazine also carried out a questioner to ask ladies from different cultures and ages how they would like to be described and the answers they got were surprising. Women are concern about their beauty but don’t want to be defined by it.

Beauty is something to contemplate on when describing a lady but it should not be all that you see in her. Independent and self-disciple, determined are adjectives that she would like you to put into thought when describing her. It’s not that we should stop talking about beauty but we should talk about it less.