October 21, 2019 0 By Paul Alpha Mwangi

A mild mind, a master, a controller, a sweet one, a special kind of demon was amongst the few things that describe him. She met him at a dating app late in the night around 2am, when her lonely was at peak and his horny was extreme. This night was insane, as if there was a specific messenger to deliver this messages. After the swipe right, and she feeling like he was the right one, they started off the long chats and conversations. He knew his intentions and wasn’t afraid to venture them, after all he had the looks, the sweet words and the charm, he exactly knew what to do and when it was right to. An innocent mind, tattooed with imaginations of what a blissful relationship it’d turn out to. She had all this in her mind and her heart was falling into emotions.

Malady I thought you should know,
My intentions with you are nothing pure,
I intend to make you mad,
So I can be jealous of your smile,
Most of all to make you happy,
Because I can’t control my feelings
So to you I wanna devote,
Because you are a blessing and i want blessings.
She woke up to such, and it made her feel so right, especially this day on their first meet.

She looked glamorous and she definitely did a second check upon every detail since she was up to meet the guy who had been keeping her up late the previous nights. Everything about him fit perfectly well, and his voice, you already know. Had an awesome dinner and a very fine wine with lots of laughs and sharing memories about some of their best moments, as they created a memory that she had to keep. She didn’t want to go home, every minute with him was perfect and she was falling for the perfect cloud, just like his desires, perfect!

That night date turned into hangouts and lunches, till this day, he said he aint had no money to go out so he opted to cancel plans because his cheque had delayed. Frustrated she volunteered to bill that day but you know about gangster points already! The Wakanda was just out, I mean it was perfect for Netflix and chill right? After a short conversation she agreed to go say hi then later get home, bought some KFC at the mall and took an uber straight to his gate. It was beautiful having her around ,but it was perfect to have her around for sex. Without a doubt this guy too was a Picasso, his intimacy was high elevated, knowing all the right things. This one experience turned into days of fun and intimacy till it was mandatory.

No sex, no calls, no messages, no morning poems, just a bluetick and ignores. She started bleeding, her star was now her greatest scar, her addiction was now a caution. She discovered the truth , so he changed his tune to fit just another bait, and just like fish she had to keep swimming, but to justify her intentions, she too wrote him a piece,
But I still want to meet you once more,
To have what it felt to love you,
To have you say you love me
Even if you only lying,
Because your love is mad,
That’s why you leave me so insane
To feel your touch again
Even if not my scars
To see you look at me
Even if not through my pain
To have you keep me
Even though not our secrets
I’m a fool for your love
Though I never want to be right
But still I want to meet you again
Just to love you again…