October 7, 2019 1 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

I wouldn’t assert that men are lucky when it comes to matters of relationship and love. I wouldn’t neither claim that ladies are unfortunate. I will just point out that life is unfair, yes that hackneyed line.

In time immemorial, men have invariably been favoured when it comes to love, relationship, leadership, marriage…But the narrative is re-writtten.

James will have 6 girlfriends and thats okay, infact that’s very okay. But Jane can’t be allowed to have, not even 2 lovers. Why? The society will brand her a hoe.

Polygamy is becoming extinct, but not in the youthful era. Every guy has a girlfriend, side chick and the main chick. The girlfriend is that exquisite girl whom you hang out, fuck and your boys know her as your wifey. Your side chick is well known to your boys, but kept a secret in the vicinity of your girlfriend. Your boys will make your girlfriend feel as if she’s the only queen in your kingdom. The side chick, always knows your girlfriend but she’ll still open her legs anyway. Your main chick is known to…only you. Because she’s ugly and not worth the presence of your boys. She has a good heart, pleasant demeanor and your mom will approve her for a wife even without a second thought.

Well, ladies…some ladies in this case, will also have multiple functional guys in their lives. Jonteh will be there to smash that kitty whenever a chance presents itself. James, who has 6 girlfriends will be in her life for outs and dates, sometimes to send her airtime and send her salon money. Of course, James is not the sponsor in this scene. Mr sponsor is saved in her phone as ‘Rent’. Rent will be present at the end of the month to do justice. But…sometimes rent shows up over the weekends for some sex-money transactions.

It’s a rotten generation. Everyone wants to reap where he/she never sowed. What they don’t heed is that easy come, easy go.

The innocent Wanjikus, Wafulas, Nyagakas, Kaninis and Aminas, who travelled from their homes to campus with the main aim of scoring high grades in their courses have been busking under the shadow of fornication and immorality. The high grades that they vowed to score in the naked eyes of their folks are now being ‘scored’ in the naked presence of sponsors and fake boyfriends. How ironical!