Tell me
Does the star shine
Or does it twinkle
It’s a little confusing
I mean what’s the difference
Look at me
I wanted to give you happiness
Instead I made you smile
Laughter is a sign of joy
Fulfillment center of accomplishment
Am more certified
When a smooth amusing smile
Glares with flares on your face
Pure expression of excitement
Excites me more
I want to stare in your eyes
Deep in those loving eyes of yours
And see the glowing spark
Spark into unimaginable flames
Flames that can’t be easilly put off
So tell me
What’s the difference between a darling and a sweetheart??
A lover is a person in love
Ignite your spark
Cause my spark
Is already ignited
Patiently waiting
For you
To be united
With your other half
And be whole
As one
What’s the difference between a darling and a sweetheart!??!
A question bugging my heart.

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