One of the best of life’ discoveries is a kind, humble, great human heart. In a world full of masked people it’s a blessing to meet a real soul. Most often we wonder why things happen to us, without notice that life itself is indeed like that. Sometimes we stumble we fall, but how we rise back up defines us more. One of the best things you can be in this world is strong.

Someday I decided to have a rest at a city park, just to look at how things went around there. Two men came and sat beside me and the conversation they had was pretty engaging. It was actually about the piece of land we was sitting on. Initially it was owned by a hindu who rendered it out for mass usage. For people to relax and chill. It was a perfect peaceful place where everyone could have access. The environs were beautiful and relaxing and I couldn’t help chanting a thankful prayer for the man for his amicable kindness. The piece, being around 4.7 acres had a prime value given that it was located in the heart of the city. Worth millions of dollars but still a reservation for rest.

It really is an act of grace and good will if you think about it. One of the men mentioned “it is indeed priceless to give to those who lack because, however abundant in possessions, no one will take them on the day of their demise.” i realized people came there with very different issues in their thoughts or different purposes.

I came to a realization that all our desires have once been archived by someone elsewhere. In humility we rise to uplift others, in strength we persevere to support others up. Just be who you are, the sun and moon are proof that things change, thus the world adjusts every second that passes. Your turn will come, be patient and keep the faith.

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