Kenyan Content Creators to Start Earning From Facebook in June

Kenyan content creators are set to start earning from their content from June 2024 after social media giant, Facebook, through its parent company Meta announced the rolling out of instreams ads.

The announcement was made by Facebook’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, during a meeting with President William Ruto at State House, Nairobi.

Sir Clegg confirmed that Kenyan creators will have the opportunity to earn revenue through various channels across Facebook and Instagram, including in-stream ads in their content, Facebook Stories, Instagram subs, and IG gifs.

“I want to pay tribute to your remorseless representation on behalf of the creators of Kenya,” he said as he thanked President Ruto for pushing the social media giant to act.

“You and I have met on a number of occasions and every single time you have said on behalf of the ingenious, humorous creative online creators here, you have been pressing me and Meta that all that creativity that they should also use online tools to turn that into material benefit.”

This development positions Kenya among the select countries on the continent that have access to this monetization feature.

This move follows a year-long effort by the government, led by President Ruto, to advocate for creators to earn from their online content.

In his remarks, President Ruto commended the relentless efforts of the creators in advocating for their rights. He expressed satisfaction with the progress made in achieving the monetization process.

“We have undergone numerous consultations, and I am pleased with the progress we are making. The content creators have been pushing me on this but today, I am glad that we made a step process of monetization,” he said.

The president also confirmed that Meta will integrate M-Pesa as a payment option to ensure accessibility for a wider range of creators.

To be eligible for monetization, creators must have at least 5,000 Followers, be over 18 years old, have at least 5 active videos on their Facebook pages, and have accumulated 60,000 minutes of video views in the past 60 days, including live videos.

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